Vishal Bhalla

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Atrium Health Navicent, and

Chief Experience Officer

Atrium Health

Vishal Bhalla, MBA, MS, SPXP, SPHR, is Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for Atrium Health Navicent and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) for the Atrium Health Enterprise.

As Navicent CHRO, Vishal helps ensure comprehensive, contemporary, and effective HR strategies are executed across the market and in support of an agile workforce with an expanding “virtual” construct; lead our human resources team to deliver relevant, impactful, and measurable services; and define the evolving HR integration between Atrium Health Navicent, Greater Charlotte Region and future regional partners.

As the Enterprise CXO, Vishal serves as the leader and driver for the experience strategy – including patient, provider, teammate and volunteer experience – across Atrium Health. He collaborates with all stakeholders to help deliver nationally leading experiences across the continuum of care, leveraging system science, process design and technology.

Vishal is an experienced executive who is deeply committed to transforming the human experience through culture cultivation, collaborative innovation and service excellence. He is known for repeatedly delivering results leveraging a Lean Six Sigma Master black belt and data-driven continuous improvement mind-set, leaning on fundamentals of servant leadership, diversity, and inclusion, facilitating a culture of transparency and systems thinking for rapid innovation.

Vishal completed his Master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as a Healthcare Certificate from the joint Harvard-MIT Healthcare Innovation Initiative. He is certified in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell and a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Vishal is a graduate of the Texas Hospital Association Fellows Program for 2019, serves on the Patient Experience Board of The Beryl Institute, on the Advisory Board of HR Exchange Network, and Editorial board of the “Patient Experience Journal.” He also enjoys giving back to his alums as an Educational Counselor at MIT. Frequently published, Vishal has been invited to speak at experience-focused conferences in Abu Dhabi, Asia Pacific, Africa, Italy and across the United States.

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